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Terry was born and raised on Staten Island while it was still a rural part of New York City. As an alumnus of the State University of New York at Oswego, she pursued a career in teaching elementary school. She’s taught in Staten Island, New Jersey, and Texas. She lived in Staten Island and New Jersey until she migrated to Texas in the early 90’s. Though she still isn’t used to the heat, Texas is home.

Terry’s been dabbling in art in one form or another since second grade when she won a prize for her poster on dental health.  Her latest and longest lasting love is lampworking. The taffy-like consistency of melting glass, the blending of the colors, and the variety of outcomes never fails to mesmerize her. Her beads do not reflect just one style of bead. Instead, she prefers to dabble with many different techniques when creating her beads. So you will find sculptural, whimsical, or even studies in color mixing among her work.

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