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After earning a degree in fashion and textiles, I married a fighter pilot and we began our journey.  We have two daughters and two granddaughters.

While living in Europe, Asia and the Middle East, my imagination was sparked by multiple forms of art and expression.

My lifelong adventure with glass began in 1975 in England, and I am still fascinated with its enduring beauty and boundless possibilities.

I have explored many aspects of art and craft but have found that my true passion is and always will be glass; stained glass, sandblasting, lampworking and kiln forming.

Glass continues to capture my imagination in all its forms, and I feel compelled to study and manipulate it in every way. In the end, I have found that I completely rejoice in kiln formed glass.

Debbi has been featured on Good Morning Texas, Dichro Magic Catalog, Wearable Expressions, Glass Art Society, Vetro Glass Blowing Studio, Art Glass Magazine, Glass Craft and Bead Expo, SiNaCa Studios School of Glass, emerging artist at Main Street Art Festival, and served on the Cultural Commission for the City of Bedford.

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