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I spent 17 years working in architectural design and still use much of the basic elements of lay out and design in my art today. I like to push the envelope on what I can do with glass; from decorative soldering to manipulating glass in the kiln. I’m always in pursuit of funky, edgy, over-the-top, gallery quality-pieces. My stuff is definitely not your traditional stained glass!


Now, fortunately, my passion is also my vocation.  I teach a variety of glass art classes, as well as other mediums, and really love seeing other people turn on to the unique beauty of glass artistry.  I also design and create one-of-a-kind custom windows, jewelry and 3-D art forms.


I’m a big believer in promoting the arts and participate in a variety of art shows and competitions. I have been privileged to win several top awards and have had my own gallery showings.  I’m proud to be a charter member of the Texas Glass Artists  Association.

The Funky Firefly

Art Gallery & Stained Glass Store

107 S. Weatherford St.

On the square in Chico, Texas


Custom Stained and Fused Glass

Art, Painting & Glass Classes

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