Trudy Jauquet, born and raised in Duluth, Minnesota, has been a glass artist since 2003. Trudy earned her Liberal Arts Degree from the University of Minnesota and spent her first career as a Human Resources executive.  Trudy relocated to Texas for a business opportunity and soon discovered jewelry making.  While attending a bead show in Grapevine; she observed a lampworking demo and was captivated by the simple beauty of the glass.  From that moment on, she knew she was destined to work with glass.  Her new passion for glass lead her to her second career as President of Wubbers, L.L.C., a jewelry tool, supply and teaching business; where she was inspired and encouraged to devote her creative energies to her glass jewelry designs.  Recently retired, Trudy is now able to dedicate her time to working with glass.

Trudy instills a lot of love of her craft into the design and creation of each “one-of-a-kind” lampworked jewelry piece.  All of Trudy’s lampworked beads are crafted of Italian or German glass and are fully kiln annealed to ensure a lifetime of enjoyment.  Trudy’s artwork can be seen at Kittrell/Riffkind Art Glass in Dallas, Vetro Glass Blowing Studio and Gallery in Grapevine and Wired Up Beads in Southlake, Texas.

Her passion for color is evident in her work.  She loves to experiment with glass combinations to see what unique colors can be achieved through chemical reactions.  Her beads have an “organic” look and she uses simple designs to showcase her unusual use of color. Trudy’s inspiration comes from the flowers in her gardens, water colors and textiles.  She combines her beads with hand crafted silver pieces and chain maille work to add another dimension to the designs.  Trudy is currently President of the Grapevine Beadmakers’ Society, a chapter of the International Society of Glass Beadmakers.  She is also actively involved in the Texas Glass Artists Association. 

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